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VIO2 Mouth Tape package front

VIO2 Myofunctional Mouth Tape for Nasal Breathing

SKU: 95893-77538

VIO2 = Vital Interchange of Oxygen


VIO2 myofunctional mouth tape is a comfortable, affordable and approachable way to help aid in the training of neccessary and proper nasal breathing thus enhancing a better night sleep and reducing mouth snoring. 


Unlike other mouth tapes on the market, VIO2 has natural stretch allowing for a comfortable fit for all face shapes and sizes. It is also less constricting than full coverage mouth tapes.  


VIO2 is made from a hypoallergenic, medical grade adhesive and a cotton blend fabric and is safe for all skin types.


VIO2 is PFAS and latex free. 

  • Directions for Use:

    1. Remove one VIO2 tape by lifting it from the backing paper.
    2. Choose an orientation to position the VIO2 tape (horizontal or vertical). See image above.
    3. Close your mouth and press down to ensure the tape is secure
    4. Remove tape by gently peeling it away from lips and skin.
    5. Discard after use.
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