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QuickSplint® Temporary Anterior Bite Plane

QuickSplint® Temporary Anterior Bite Plane

QuickSplint is a custom-fit interim occlusal splint that can be fabricated chairside in the dental practice quickly and easily at low cost. Developed by an Orofacial Pain Specialist, QuickSplint can also be used as an anterior bite plane and/or night guard and assists in initiating same-day treatment. Send your patient home with immediate and comfortable relief of their jaw and facial pain or stiffness.


  • Fabricates quickly with heavy-body VPS in 5 minutes. (SEE BEST BITE VPS)
  • Initiate same-day treatment for acute jaw pain and/or jaw sprain/strain.
  • Diagnostic aid for parafunction, bruxism, clenching and many TMJ/TMD symptoms.
  • Post-op healing aid following a long dental procedure; helps muscles relax and recover to normal function.
  • Post-op temporary protection for anterior provisional veneers, newly placed implants, periodontal surgery, endontically treated teeth and other new dental restorations.
  • Anterior bite-plane/Deprogrammer
  • Transitional, trial or emergency appliance
  • Product Specifications

    The QuickSplint® 12-Pack contains one dozen QuickSplint units in single unit containers with patient instructions.


    Note: To custom fit QuickSplint, fast-set heavy body VPS is also required. You can make QuickSplint with most heavy body VPS, or putty.  *See Best Bite Bite Registration

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