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Panthera Sleep D-SAD rods for Panthera  DSADNylon sleep appliance

Panthera Sleep D-SAD™ Retention Rods

*Panthera D-SAD Rod kit includes rods 20.5 mm - 30 mm in size.


The Panthera Sleep D-SAD™ Retention Rods offer a unique titration mechanism and are made of the same biocompatible polymer as the Panthera device.


The length of the rods can vary from 16 to 34 mm and can be adjusted in 0.5 mm increments for a highly accurate and customized advancement. The rods are designed to resist to bruxism and they will never elongate. Moreover, they will not disengage during sleep thanks to the unique way they connect to the device.


  • Unique anchor system resists lateral movement
  • Easily adjustable in .05mm
  • Length in printed on the rod for easy reference
  • Engineered for resistance to mandibular forces


Rods specifically designed for heavy bruxism are also available.



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