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EMA-NOW™ Rescue Sleep Appliance

EMA-NOW™ Rescue Sleep Appliance

The EMA-NOW is a medical sleep appliance therefore can only be purchased by a Dental or Medical Professional.


* Six sets of "Yellow" (medium firm) EMA Advancement Straps are included in each kit giving up to 5 mm of advancement - strap sizes 16 mm to 21 mm.


** Purchase a pack of 12 EMA-NOW Kit's and recieve $9 off each kit - save $108.00!


Simplicity Meets Efficiency. 

Introducing the EMA-NOW™ - A semi-custom oral sleep appliance and snore guard that acts as a mandibular repositioner, is FDA Cleared and is indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate nighttime snoring, sleep apnea and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).


  • Immediate chairside treatment option for your OSA patient
  • Allows your patient to cost effectively test drive Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT)  or a snore guard before commiting to a custom sleep appliance/device.
  • Allows your patient to test drive an EMA® before committing to an EMA Custom appliance.
  • Chairside fabrication in less than 10 minutes using the heat-to-fit trays
  • Cost effective for every patient and costs less than most lab/appliance rush fee's
  • Same comfort design as the EMA Custom
  • TMJ comfort and lip seal - occlusal pads on lower tray allow  for  up to 4.7 mm of vertical adjustability for your patient
  • Easily titratable using EMA Advancement Straps - 12 Straps included in each kit giving up to 5 mm of advancement.
  • FDA Cleared
  • Helps meet your patients insurance requirements and deductables.


The EMA-NOW is the latest development based on the original EMA Custom designed by Dr. Don Frantz in 1993. EMA has been successfully utilized by thousands of Dentists globally to treat patients suffering from sleep apnea.


The EMA-NOW further expands the reach of oral appliance therapy by providing a simple and immediate temporary treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea and snoring. It’s unique ability to be easily fitted chair-side provides your patient a semi-custom device with the same easy titration straps as the original EMA. The result is a comfortable and adjustable temporary device for OSA and snoring that will give your patient an immediate solution while their EMA Custom is being made, during appliance repairs or if lost, the CPAP recal/re-issue or allows  them to try out the EMA experience before committing to an EMA Custom appliance.


*Visit our YouTube channel for chairside fabrication tutorials. -Click here-

  • EMA-NOW Kit Contents:

    Each Kit Includes:

    • 1 upper and 1 lower tray
    • 6 sets of EMA Advancement Straps allowing for up to 5 mm of advancement 
    • Instructions For Use 

    All you will need:

    • 1 bowl or cup of hot water approximately 185 degrees
    • 1 bowl or cup of ice cold water
    • Petroleum jelly or Vasoline for your fingertips to prevent stickiness on your gloves during fabrication.
    • 10 minutes chair side time
  • EMA-NOW Video Tutorial


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