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Aqualizer water dental splint

AQUALIZER Water Dental Splint - 5 Pack

The Aqualizer® water dental splint  is an invaluable tool to anyone who is suffering from the effects of TMJ, TMD, jaw pain and/or headaches. The Aqualizer® is one of the most accurate and effective differential diagnostic tool available. It allows the body to find instant functional balance by unraveling the malocclusion it is locked in. Dental devices made from this bite are immensely effective, predictable and require remarkably few adjustments, saving valuable chair time.


The Aqualizer’s revolutionary water splint system makes it different from any other temporary dental splint on the market that is designed to treat malocclusion. While most dental splints disable the bite long term and guess at optimal occlusion, the Aqualizer naturally allows the body to find TMJ pain relief and functional balance it needs.

The Aqualizer applies a physical law of nature called Pascal’s Law, meaning that when you bite down on the Aqualizer®, the fluid is evenly distributed across the entire bite. Aqualizer® water dental splints enable the body to naturally balance itself and function on its own therefore reducing symptoms of TMJ pain, TMD and headaches.


  • Aqualizer Ultra Water Dental Splint

    The Aqualizer Ultra water dental splint is used for average size adult mouths and has a full-sized adult arch. It is available in different vertical dimensions: Low and Medium are the most common sizes. The vertical dimension (thickness) is controlled by the amount of fluid in the Aqualizer.

    Low volume: 1 mm thick

    Medium volume: 2 mm thick

    • Medium Volume Ultras are used by most patients (90%).
    • Low Volume Ultras are for patients with restricted opening, and are also perfect for getting a muscle-directed bite registration for splints.

    Ultra Open Verticals: Low 2 mm, Med 3-4 mm

  • Aqualizer Mini Water Dental Splint

    The Aqualizer Mini water dental splint is a smaller Ultra design with smaller pads and arch length . Used for teens and small mouths.

    • Low volume:  .75 mm thick
    • High volume:  2 mm thick

    The Aqualizer Mini model is a smaller version of the Aqualizer Ultra model with a shorter arch length and water pads that are half the width and height of the Ultra.

    It is suitable for teens and adults with smaller mouths and teeth, or anyone sensitive to lingual contact (gagging). 

    Low Volume Minis are used for patients with very restricted opening. 

    High Volume Minis are used to get 3mm of vertical dimension with the smallest footprint.

    Mini Open Verticals:

    • Low -  .75 mm 
    • High -  2 mm
  • Aqualizer Slim Water Dental Splint

    Aqualizer Slim water dental splint has slimmer shape adapts well to the dental arch with less lingual contact and is suitable for more sensitive patients. Aqualizer® Slim fits all normal jaw sizes.

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