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BE Involved

We have the power to change the world. Our strength lies in our ability to share ideas and donate time, resources, and goods to those in immediate need.


BE has teamed up with MUTE to launch the Breathe Easy Initiative to bring awareness to the importance of an open nasal airway to improve airflow and reduce snoring and sleep apnea symptoms. For every regular Mute (Small, Medium or Large) purchased with Promo Code "MUTE" (on Mute product page), a Mute Trial Pack will be donated to a local fire fighter/fire department.  We understand that giving comes in many different forms and believe that even the simplest ideas can have have profound impacts on others in our communities.

By creating a network of individuals and organizations that are passionate about protecting and helping people breathe properly, we can help change the world...one community at a time.

Are you ready to join hands and transform lives now?

Breathe Easy. Sleep Well. BE Involved.

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